[Tokyo - January 6, 2017] Lineo Solutions, Inc. ("Lineo", headquarters: Shiojiri, Nagano, Japan, Representative Director: Akira Kobayashi) announced today that Lineo has joined the Yocto Project®, an open source collaboration project for embedded Linux development. Lineo will facilitate activities to broadly introduce the Yocto Project, as well as carry out Yocto-related product development and offer a comprehensive range of services including Yocto Concierge.

    "We are honored to be a part of the Yocto Project," said Akira Kobayashi, Representative Director of Lineo. "We have been focusing on activities and outputs of the Yocto Project. It draws a great deal of attention of our customers and we have engaged in several Yocto-based product development so far. In the meantime, it is a pleasant reencounter with the 'OpenZaurus' in the history of the Yocto Project, as we were involved in the development of Linux Zaurus in the past(*). As a new member, we will try to be able to make a positive contribution to the Yocto Project ."
    "The Yocto Project is pleased to welcome Lineo to the growing group of organizations around the world who participate in the project at the membership level to improve the tools and processes for creating embedded Linux distributions,” said Jeffrey Osier-Mixon, Yocto Project Community Manager. “Lineo has been a positive community member since the early days of OpenEmbedded, and it is with gratitude and respect that we welcome them into the Yocto Project formally."
    "Timesys is an early supporter and founding member of the Yocto Project, and we are pleased to welcome Lineo, our long-time partner in Japan, to the Yocto Project,” said Atul Bansal, President and CEO of Timesys Corporation. “Timesys has contributed to the Yocto Project and Toaster, and we are helping our customers adopt Yocto Project development standards by maintaining vendors’ specific layers on behalf of our customers and partners. We look forward to working with Lineo on further development of the Yocto Project and helping customers who are building embedded Linux based devices based on Yocto Project standards."
  • * Lineo was engaged in Linux development for Sharp Zaurus from its first model to the last model, and Akira Kobayashi led the development team.
  • * The Yocto Project
  • An open source collaborative project of various member entities centering on Linux Foundation. For details, please refer to the following URL:

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