Lineo uLinux ELITE

ELITE/BSP for Mitsubishi C Controller Module

 Lineo uLinux ELITE / BSP Q24DHCCPU-LS Basic Edition

    Lineo "uLinux" generated by ELITE brings in all Linux advantages!
  • Pure open source
  • No Runtime license fee for C Controller module
  • Highly reliable
  • Maintainable for extended period

 eldmicc / Embedded Linux Developers site for Mitsubishi C Controller

    elcmicc is a dedicated website to offer technical information for developers to have Linux on Mitsubishi C Controller module Q24DHCCPU-LS. Some parts of elcmicc are available for those who are not registered users but would like to explore the site. Your access to and use of eldmicc is subject exclusively to the eldmicc Terms of Service (TOS). By accessing and using eldmicc, you are fully accepting the terms and conditions contained in the TOS.

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 Lineo uLinux ELITE / BSP Q24DHCCPU-LS Basic Edition Optional Products

    Privilege of Lineo products trial use
  • Mimer SQL Embedded
      Compact and fast embedded database.
      By fully supporting SQL, the following functions are available in embedded device.
    • Primary key
    • Procedures
    • Trigger
    • View
    • Transactions
    • Constraint
      Also supports ADO.NET, JDBC, ODBC, embedded SQL as programming interface.
      Works with various platforms including VxWorks, Windows, Linux and Android.
      Because it is a process model, interfaces such as accessing to Mimer DB on C Controller module from business-use computer or excel file are included as standard.
  • SmartU2
      Sample package contained in this BSP is available.
    • SmartU2 Agent setup package

      Agent sample package to use remote update system [ SmartU2 ].

      [ SmartU2 ] enables updating various contents and uploading information file between target (Agent) and server (Manager).

      By adding this package to RFS, you can actually try out contents update and file upload between C Controller module and SmartU2-Manager (setting is required separately).

  • Vzet
      Sample package contained in this BSP is available.
    • Vzet setup package

      Package to add settings for using Linux system visualization tool [ Vzet ].

      [ Vzet ] allows to visually display behavior of process (thread) on a computer.

      By adding this package to RFS, Linux kernel trace log on C Controller module is remotely transferable via network to a computer on which Vzet is installed.


If you need to develop a custom embedded product based on open source Linux, then the affordable LinuxLink software development framework is the ideal solution for you. 


Quick-Start Solution "Warp!!" is Renewed Additional Functions, More CPU Supported.


Lineo offers a new failure analysis service "LL-rescue" For corrective action and performance improvement.


Many applications which consist of multiple processes are running on Linux system. "Vzet" is an innovative product that can display behaviors of the processes visually.

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